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Development analysis of intelligent die level

Date: 2020-10-21  Visited: 995

The stamping mould and die casting mould with sensing and temperature control function, the injection mould made with intelligent control means such as temperature control function, injection parameters and flow state in the mould, etc., are all intelligent moulds. Compared with traditional mould, intelligent mould has obvious advantages such as high technical content, high added value of products, long service life, wide application range and large market space.

Using high precision coordinate measuring instrument and other testing equipment to produce products can further improve the quality and production efficiency of intelligent mold related products, more convenient to realize the automatic production and green manufacturing of products. If we popularize the use of high precision testing equipment in mold enterprises, we can promote the intelligent mold to greatly improve the existing production efficiency.

With the development of industrial production technology, high-end equipment manufacturing industry with intelligent mold as a representative product and enterprises assisting mold production enterprises will strongly support the rapid development of China's high-end equipment parts manufacturing and other fields. CMM is the leading manufacturer of CMM. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Sirui Measurement will help the development of intelligent mold industry, in order to achieve the development of intelligent mold to drive the improvement of the overall level of high-efficiency, precision and high-performance mold, so that the level of intelligent mold has been greatly improved, for China's mold industry to 2020 into the world tooling power this goal.

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