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China's mold market in the future to maintain a stable development trend

Date: 2020-10-21  Visited: 1065

With the continuous development of China's mold industry, the demand for mold products and requirements are also gradually improving. And such improvement brings greater impetus to the improvement of industry technology. In the future development of the industry, technological innovation will naturally be the main, and technological upgrading is necessary, which is the most important condition in the rapid development of the industry and the market demand.

At present, the domestic market for high - grade mold demand, among them, home appliances, automobiles, plastic products industry on the mold demand is the largest. It is understood that during the "twelfth Five-Year" period, the overall trend of the mold market is stable upward, but the requirements of domestic mold must be in quality, delivery time and other aspects to meet the needs of users.

In the international market, in recent years, labor costs have increased in industrialized countries, which are shifting to developing countries, especially southeast Asian countries. Its domestic production of high, precision mold based, manual labor input large mold imports to solve. Therefore, the low - end mold international market potential is very great. As long as the quality of domestic mold can be improved, the delivery date can be guaranteed, the prospect of mold export is very optimistic. In addition, the national mold standard parts demand is also very large. At present, our country has only a small amount of exports.

In the past year, the Chinese tool market demand growth is slow, mainly because of the increase in tool life, and is the user for the entire manufacturing process requirements, replaced a lot of machine tools and tools, as well as the increase in the application of multifunctional tools, replaced a lot of the previous single function of simple tools.

From the perspective of the technology development trend of machinery manufacturing industry, the proportion of high-efficiency CNC machine tools in China's factories will increase year by year, and the demand for high-efficiency advanced cutting tools will increase rapidly. In addition, due to the increase of labor costs in China, the price advantage of low - grade cutting tools will be gradually lost. For the increase in the demand for advanced tools in CNC machine tools this situation, China's tool industry must change the concept, vigorously develop the production of efficient advanced tools, pay attention to sales at the same time, more attention to after-sales service, strive to innovate to occupy more market share.

Plastic hardware industry is the traditional industry of our country, the early start, development of mature, also grew a group of potential small and medium-sized enterprises (smes), under the current international competition environment, only by a compression process of original advantage already cannot satisfy the modern trade cost, demand and profit maximization, speed up the development of electronic commerce become domestic plastic hardware industry cope with the challenge of economic globalization, grasp the initiative, improve the international competitiveness of the development inevitably choice, the 21st century e-commerce will become the main hardware plastic machinery mold industry trade growth momentum.

China today's machinery plastic hardware mold market is very active, plastic hardware products will become the new consumption hotspot and a new economic growth point, but the brutal market present situation and the competition situation has the hardware plastic industrial chain on the relevant enterprises to the edge of a precipice, facing the pressure of the international market, domestic hardware plastic enterprises to overcome the high raw material prices, the market competition is increasingly fierce, the partial products of excess production capacity to adverse factors, such as positive change management pattern, the use of modern network highlight the function of the invisible market, to achieve tangible, intangible market, expand sales channels, the mining enterprise potential, Only by actively exploring the international market can an enterprise truly come out of the predicament.

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